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Congrats to Tracey Lewis, who will be the 2nd Black woman in FDNY’s history to be promoted to lieutenant - the first in 12 years! Here’s hoping there will be many more. There needs to be more gender and racial diversity in FDNY’s ranks.

Congrats to Tracey Lewis, who will be the 2nd Black woman in FDNY’s history to be promoted to lieutenant - the first in 12 years! Here’s hoping there will be many more. There needs to be more gender and racial diversity in FDNY’s ranks.



Whenever I feel guilty for taking up two subway seats with my heavy bags, I try to remind myself that mens’ consciences are never racked with guilt when they spread their legs out to take up 2+ seats on the train


I’ll be there Friday night to speak after the screening of It Was Rape and Saturday afternoon I’ll be on a panel about what one can do to combat slut shaming and rape culture in society. If you’re in the NYC area, please consider coming! It’s free or just $10 and I would love to see/meet you!




The 2013 PoC Tumblr Meet (PoC only) will take place in the form of a picnic in Harlem’s Morningside Park.  It will be a gathering of local and non-local tumblr users, of color, to meet one another face to face.  Putting the human element back into the sharing of knowledge.

If you didn’t attend the PoC Tumblr Meet in 2012, I can’t describe to you how positive the energy was. Hearing one another’s voice, reading the emotions, and witnessing the true passion that lies behind everyone’s personal struggle, story, revelation, awakening and continual growth was truly inspiring.  We hope to see and meet others this year around.

It is important that we are aware of who within our physical community are on the same page with us.  It also helps to build, if not lasting friendships for some, unforgettable memories for all.  

You do not need to be fully knowledgeable on all topics in order to come.  We ALL know of something that someone else may not.  There is no set structure - as you will see - the conversation will keep going.

What to bring:  (Recommendations)

  •    A blanket, water, some snacks/meals for yourself.
  •    A Pen and Paper/Notebook!  Always good for note taking for your own research later on.
  •    Educational literature that you don’t mind sharing, discussing, or (giving away).
  •    A mental list of questions on a topic that you may want clarity on.

A group photo will be taken.  (You’ve been warned)

For any more questions, comments, and concerns to SubconsciousCelebrity via message.  Also view his post about it, too.

Hope to see many of you there.  Please reblog (even if you can’t attend as one of your followers might be able to.)  Spread the word!  

Much light and love to you all!  

I won’t be able to make it but this looks dope.

Oh man, this is going to be tough to make on a Sat morning coming from Brooklyn, but marking my calendar!!!

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stop and frisk The federal class action lawsuit, Flovd, et al vs The City of New York, et al, is giving Mayor Michael Bloomberg a major headache, or at least it should. That’s due to good organizing on the part ofCommunities United for Police Reform, and the brilliant legal minds at the Center for Constitutional Rights. As far as I’m concerned, those groups are heroes, not just of New York, but of every other community in the country plagued by racial profiling and stop and frisk harassment by law enforcement.

On the racial profiling/stop and frisk tip, the City of New York created their own problems. In the past decade, the NYPD has conducted about 5 million stops. Yup, that’s 5 million. More than 85 percent of the stops in most years have been of blacks and Latinos. Only about 12 percent have resulted in arrests.

One outcome of all that stopping and frisking is that today, more than half of all black men in New York have had at least one such encounter with the police. So much for Officer Friendly.

If they are following the letter of the law, NYPD officers had “reasonable suspicion” of criminal activity in all of these cases. But as the District Court Judge, Shira Sheindlin said in court,

“You reasonably suspect something and you’re wrong 90 percent of the time…That is a lot of misjudgment of suspicion..”

Actually, that’s an 88 percent error rate.

Imagine you work at MacDonald’s and you burn burgers 88% of the time. Or you work in a blood bank and you mislabel blood types 88 times out of one-hundred. Do you imagine yourself keeping that job? Yet, the NYPD has done little to correct this problem, nor demonstrated much concern about the impact of all those mistaken stops on the attitudes of black and brown people regarding law enforcement — as in, that there is a broad based perception in many communities of color that in order to protect and serve some people, the police view other people as the enemy, and the filter by which these judgments are made is race. That looks to me like a downward spiral of negative outcomes headed in the general direction of crisis.

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An improvement on the NYC Teen Mom ads.

An improvement on the NYC Teen Mom ads.


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