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Fuck yeah, feminists! - Ms. Magazine: 25 facts on Rape in America (TW)

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Ms. Magazine: 25 facts on Rape in America (TW)


  1. The FBI’s definition of “forcible rape” in their Uniform Crime Report (UCR): “The carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will.” [PDF]
  2. What that definition leaves out: anal, oral and statutory rape; incest; rape with an object, finger or fist; rape of men
  3. Number of men raped in any year, according to the UCR: 0 [PDF]
  4. Estimated number of men actually raped each year, according to the Dept. of Justice: 93,000 [PDF]
  5. Number of women raped in 2007 under the UCR definition: 91,874
  6. Number of sexual assaults in 2007–which includes rapes the FBI leaves out–according to the National Crime Victimization Survey: 248,300
  7. Dept. of Justice estimate of how many women are actually raped each year: 300,000 [PDF]
  8. Number of arrests for rape in 2007 (UCR): 23,307
  9. Percentage of rapes that result in incarceration: 0.35 percent [PDF]
  10. Number of murders/manslaughters in 2007 (UCR): 17,157
  11. Number of arrests for murder/manslaughter in 2007 (UCR): 13,480
  12. Percentage of murders that result in incarceration: 20 percent or more [PDF]
  13. Average number of rapes to every murder committed annually: 5 to 1
  14. Two of the top five cities in the U.S. with the most “unfounded” (i.e., falsely reported, according to police) rapes: New Orleans and Baltimore
  15. Percentage of rape reports deemed “unfounded” by New Orleans police in 2008: 60 percent
  16. Percentage of rape reports deemed “unfounded” by Baltimore police in 2009: 32 percent
  17. Percentage of actual estimated false rape reports in any given year according to research studies: 2-8 percent
  18. Percentage of rape reports deemed “unfounded” by the FBI in 2006: 5 percent
  19. How Baltimore police once explained their “unfounded” rape rate: “One of the things we know is that victims do lie.”
  20. Percentage of rape reports deemed “unfounded” (i.e. falsely reported) by Philadelphia police in 1983: 52 percent
  21. The year Philadelphia was forced to clean up its rape reporting practices: 1999
  22. Percentage of rape reports deemed unfounded in Philadelphia in 2007: 10 percent
  23. What a Philadelphia police officer once called his city’s sex crimes unit: “The lying bitches unit.”
  24. “Reasons” women lie about rape, according to Philadelphia’s police department in 1984: revenge; free abortion; covering up truancy, pregnancy, infidelity, lost money, sexual precocity.
  25. Number of people who have signed a letter urging the FBI to change its definition of rape: 2,019 (and counting)

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