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Fuck yeah, feminists! - Help Shut Down a Pro-Rape Facebook Page!

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Help Shut Down a Pro-Rape Facebook Page!

Just got this in my email from a Danielle D.:

I, and others are in need of help. There is a facebook page called, “Riding your girlfriend softly, cause you don’t want to wake her up” and I have scrambled some support against this page.
This facebook page is riddled with rape jokes, and the page itself is rape-condoning. A sleeping person cannot give consent. 
Please help us shut it down. Rape victims and rape-victim allies are trying their hardest to combat the sexism and vulgarity on that page. Tell your followers REPORT the facebook page, because apparently facebook doesn’t care about how offensive and detrimental this page is to rape-survivors. We want this page to be shut down.
This page has triggered many people but are afraid to post in the comments about how offensive it is, due to disgusting people using personal attacks to justify their rape-condoning page. (Also: one must have to *like* the page in order to comment on it… that’s another thing that bothers most of us)
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    Please report this page on FB. Not only is it not funny, but others who have gone there to comment about things like...
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    maybe you feel like reporting this on 5 levels each time you think about it? nothing funny to see here, folks.
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    I don’t have facebook but you all better get your asses out there and help solve this problem!
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    Man, reading through that page made me so happy to be back in America.
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    Um, the page is meant to be taken as a joke. Just so you all know, registered sex offenders are monitored on facebook...
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    Its a joke, the humour of which is based upon the contrast of the sweet sentiment at the begining of the sentence and...
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    its not rape if she doesnt wake up and scream rape
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    Reblogging this again. Here is the link:...
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    Oh God I feel ill. Those people are sick. How do you report a facebook page?
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    Ugh, five seconds on that page and I feel sick.
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