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Fuck yeah, feminists! - College Professor Gives Credence to Rapist Rationalizations

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yo fuck this shit.

University of Rochester professor, self-described libertarian and former Slate contributor Steven Landsburg wants to tell us a tale of two egotists who clearly have too much self-regard and a third person that we traditionally consider a sympathetic figure but who may very well bean egotist with too much self-regard.* In a blog post labeled “Censorship, Environmentalism, and Steubenville,” Landsburg laid out the tale of two busybodies who need to mind their own business, a prude named Farnsworth McCrankypants that wants to keep you from masturbating and a dirty hippie named Granola McMustardseed, whose only motivation for opposing drilling is to preserve landscape views he’s not even looking at. Joining this cast of characters of people who fuss too much about stuff that doesn’t involve them? Rape victims getting bent out of shape about their own rapes. 

Sign the petition to get him fired, because this is straight up DANGEROUS considering the epidemic of rape on college campuses that we have a professor taking the time to write out about justifying rape. From the petition page:

In a shocking March 20 blog post titled “Censorship, Environmentalism and Steubenville,” University of Rochester economics professor Steven Landsburg questioned the harm of raping an unconscious woman who may not remember the attack, and wondered why rapists should not “reap the benefits” of women’s bodies. Landsburg’s hypothetical “dilemma” ignores material reality in a hateful attempt to further his sexist beliefs, and goes on to question whether rape should be against the law.

"it’s just violating people’s bodies…why should it be against the law?"


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    I agree that libertarianism has a structural problem with being filled with the most vile and vulgar of bigotry. I agree...
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    First, everyone sign the petition. This shit needs to get shut the fuck down, right now. Second, this isn’t an...
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    Why do people like this exist? A violation of the body I have to live with every day, and deal with the fact that...
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