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Fuck yeah, feminists! - Check out these sexist asshats: Popular science blog is run by a woman – to the surprise of some on Facebook

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A swath of science fans expressed shock Wednesday upon learning that a popular science Facebook page is run by a woman.

Elise Andrew, an English blogger living in Canada, posted a link promoting her Twitter feed on her I Fucking Love Science Facebook page, which has more than 4.2m fans.

"I got Twitter! I figured it’s about time I started exploring other social media. If you’re on there, can you Tweet me some science people worth following?” Andrew said.

The post provoked an onslaught of comments discussing her gender and looks. “ me! This is a babe ?!!” wrote commenter Can Durace. “holy hell, youre a HOTTIE!” wrote Douglas Pistone Linares.

Lou Forbes said: “you mean you’re a girl, AND you’re beautiful? wow, i just liked science a lil bit more today ^^”

No wonder women are many times hesitant to put themselves out there on the internet. We need to stop assuming a person is male on the internet (and in most many situations). Imagine if she was black or some other person of colour. I shudder to think of the comments.

*eye roll* Someone hose these guys down. Seriously.

fortunately, not everyone was a sexist loser when they found out

After the early posts commenting unnecessarily on her looks and gender, others said it shouldn’t matter that she is a female. “My fellow dudebros: Chillax. In science, sex is just a single genome characteristic,” said Brian Hudson. Some of the comments were also, hopefully, made in jest.

Some used it as a confessional to concede that we still live in a world that has inherent biases towards women with an interest in science. Jay Young: “I’m ashamed to say I assumed you were a man. But I’m neither shocked nor affected in the slightest that you aren’t. Keep on fucking loving science.”

Keep on keepin’ on, girl!

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