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Fuck yeah, feminists! - The Academy Awards are tonight and once again, no...

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The Academy Awards are tonight and once again, no women have been nominated for Best Director. In 85 years, only four women have received a Best Director nomination and only one has won. The blog Women & Hollywood madmade a video to highlight ladies in the director’s chair who have been ignored.

  • Brenda Chapman (with Mark Andrews) for Brave
  • Lana Wachowski (with Andy Wachowski and Tom Tykwer) for Cloud Atlas
  • Jennifer Westfeldt for Friends With Kids
  • Ava DuVernay for Middle Of Nowhere
  • Aurora Guerrero for Mosquita Y Mari 
  • Valerie Faris (with Jonathan Dayton) for Ruby Sparks
  • Sarah Polley for Take This Waltz
  • Lynne Shelton for Your Sister’s Sister


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    BAHAHAHAA Cloud Atlas. MMMOKAY. oh, women and hollywood made that video. no fucking wonder.
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    But see what you said in your post is actually much better than the FYF post highlighting those directors, which is...
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    Sorry, but I get the sense that that is not at all what this post is about. By my reading, the post is not saying the...
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    I saw none of those films, but I posit this: big studios spend a lot of money on their oscar-targeted movies, so they...
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    Sexism in Hollywood? Say it ain’t so! Yeah, MRA dudes, women have *totally* surpassed men in our society. stfu
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