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Fuck yeah, feminists! - I want to start a feminist advice blog. Wanna help?

A place to celebrate anything anti-oppression, anti-kyriarchy, anti-hate and pro-equality.

Run by two feminists who try to link to and reblog anything that is relevant to feminists today (almost anything).

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I want to start a feminist advice blog. Wanna help?


I feel like there aren’t enough womanist/feminists of colour advice givers in the world. Curious to see how many people would be interested in following it. Like this post please if you’d wanna see this happen! If there’s enough interest, I’ll start fleshing out plans for the launch.

Also: send your questions to questions[AT]feministadvice[dot]com

any other interests? Any ideas/suggestions? Please provide by inboxing, emailing, adding a comment, etc.

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