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Fuck yeah, feminists! - Global Gender Gap Report 2012: The Best And Worst Countries For Women

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You know how people like to say the US is the “best country in the world?” well, check this out….

The report ranks 135 countries (which collectively contain over 90 percent of the world’s population) based on 14 indicators used to measure the size of a nation’s gender gap in four key areas:
1. Economic participation and opportunity, which includes female labor force participation, wage equality and the percentage of women in high-ranking jobs.
2. Educational attainment, which looks at female literacy and how frequently women are enrolled in higher education.
3. Health and survival, which is measured by comparing female and male life expectancy and mortality rates.
4. Political empowerment, which examines the number of women holding political office as well as the number of female heads of state over the last 50 years.

Well, last year the US ranked #17. Guess where we are now? #22. We dropped FIVE SPOTS IN ONE YEAR. This is in SPITE of even more mainstream coverage of these so-called “women’s issues.”

Now imagine if Romney takes the White House. Politicians who want to take away the rights to our bodies (which is key to our economic success), call rape a “gift,” will run around being unchallenged. We will only go down in terms of gender equity. There is a lot of work to be done.

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    Hey, Canada, get it together. Disappointed that we only placed 21st. Gender equality seems to be treated like a closed...
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    canada went from 18 to 21, down 3.
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    Ireland’s #5! so much better than 22……….. |:
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    guess who’s #2 ?!
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