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Ten Steps To Health At Every Size




Think of these steps as a dance rather than a linear progression. Move from one to another and back again as fits your own personal style and journey. 

  1. Stop weighing yourself.  Shift your focus from weight & body fat to healthy behaviors and fitness. 
  2. Live now, not in the past or future. Live your life as if you were at your desired weight—including wearing beautiful, comfortable clothing in your present size. 
  3. Eat well & mindfully. Enjoy your food. Let nothing be off-limits—there are no forbidden foods.
  4. Listen to your body and give yourself and your body what you need to thrive: balanced nutrition, adequate sleep, regular exercise.
  5. Love & accept yourself as you are, & others as they are. Refuse to engage in fat prejudice toward yourself or others.
  6. Feed your soul with meaningful and enjoyable recreation, relationships, work, & spirituality. Clear out toxic environments/relationships/behavior patterns. Build a nourishing community: surrounding yourself with size-friendly people (friends, therapists, doctors) & images of happy, successful people of all sizes.
  7. Connect mind & body. Increase body awareness through yoga, walking meditation, tai chi, qi gong, massage, & bodywork, movement therapy (such as Feldenkrais). Focus on what your body can do and how good it can feel. 
  8. Decrease self-criticism & body judgment, increase positive, supportive self-talk. Talk to yourself & your body the way you would a cherished friend or loved one.
  9. Address any emotional eating or body image issues independent of weight change. Attitudes & opinions are easier (& healthier) to change than body size.
  10. Invest time & money in yourself rather than the diet industry.
You can learn more about Health at Every Size here or by buying the book here. Do not ever fool yourself into thinking that weight loss is the way to get healthy. You can vastly improve your health without the number on the scale budging at all. Do not punish your body. Do not buy into the 65 billion dollar a year diet industry. Love your body NOW. 
i think everyone can benefit from this.

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