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Fuck yeah, feminists! - Orgasms solely through penetration

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Orgasms solely through penetration

This issue recently came to my attention (its not a new one, but it has happened to resurface) and it completely bothered me that the (cis) male sexual partner involved was so ignorant.

Most women do not reach orgasm solely through penetration. This article on Women’s Health Mag claims that only 25% of women having penis/vagina intercourse are having orgasms (according to most major surveys, this 25% is most likely an average). The rest of us, however, cannot achieve the “big O” solely through penetration - we need extra stimulation.

So when someone pops off and tells you that it is “abnormal” that you didn’t orgasm when all they did was fuck you (via penetration only), please remember that it is a statistical improbability that they have been so lucky that all their previous (cis) female sexual partners were able to attain orgasm through penetration alone.

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    For the record, it can be possible to have an amazing time and not get off.
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    reach orgasm on their own… that difficult. I’m… lucky, that way, I suppose.
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    I am 100% clitoral the dick is fun, but its like… extended foreplay for me
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    Dudes like thegeek are a rarity in what I’ve encountered in my sexual career. Most het, cis-dudes (the ones I’m talking...
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    All of this. It always surprises me when a partner assumes he’s done something wrong if I can’t get off through...
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    It’s common, but not every school, and it’s mostly on a state by state basis. It’s thanks to that weird hybrid of...
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    ^^^ Communication makes for good sex.
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    Awesome analogy there and I think you made some very valid points. I just wanted to point out that some of this not...
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    So, a little bit about me… When I am first becoming intimate with someone I usually ask the question- “Are you more...
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