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Fuck yeah, feminists! - There really is no difference between men and women's math abilities

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I know my lovely readers knew this already, but thought it can never be reiterated too many times.

Now, researchers Jane Mertz of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Jonathan Kane of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater have performed the most comprehensive exploration yet of math performance. They took in data from 86 different countries, many of which had not previously kept reliable records of math performance and so their addition allowed for much stronger cross-cultural analysis. So what did they find?

First, in many countries, there’s no gender gap at all both at the average and very high levels of performance. Some countries, including the United States, do show a gender gap, but that gap has decreased substantially over the last few decades, and some test scores suggest American girls have already caught up to their male counterparts.

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    maybe the gaps could be explained by conditions in the classroom and how female students are treated/their access to...
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    i thought this was already proven aiiiiight okay then
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    Speaking of math…
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    I don’t get it - the belief in my area is that women are BETTER at math than guys, due to differences between the way...
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