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Fuck yeah, feminists! - Discounted Registration to Netroots NY!

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Discounted Registration to Netroots NY!

Hey folks, are you in the NYC area December 17-18th? Are you into online organizing? If so, you should check out Netroots NY! What is it exactly you ask?

Netroots New York will bring together diverse constituencies, to the benefit of progressive politics in New York and beyond.

Specifically, we expect several hundred union staff, online and offline activists and organizers, including many bloggers who focus on city, state and national issues, thought leaders and top influencers.

All too often, these constituencies operate in separate worlds.

Netroots New York will offer high quality, specialized training in the techniques of online organizing and digital strategy, along with networking events and solid, on-the-ground experience. We know that there is a need for more of this, based on sold -out events run by Organizing 2.0 in the past. The need is especially acute in spheres where progress has been slow: community organizations serving low income populations, union staff, political operatives for city and state elected officials, nonprofit advocacy staff and concerned citizens looking for a voice. New York is the most diverse state in the union. Netroots New York will reflect this diversity.

So hey, if you’re into this sort of thing, let me know. Regular registration is $100, but I can offer a discounted link to people who demonstrate financial need for a $25 registration! Pretty awesome for a two day conference that will inevitably be full of kickass activists.

Read more about Netroots NY and Netroots Nation, and then shoot me an email [blog at fuckyeahfeminists dot com] with your name, city, and a little blurb about what you would do with attendance at Netroots if you’re interested!

Hope to see you there!

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